SVN Engineering can design and manufacture various gaming accessories for the customer. Our design team have been developing innovative gaming solutions for over 20 years now and are well versed in the requirements of the gaming industry. Some of our many products available are:

  • Player Tracking Systems for Poker Machines and components
  • Table Accessories for Casinos
  • Communication Racks and Cabinets
  • Signage Enclosures and Signage Posts
  • Computer Cases and Mounting Panels
  • General Engineering Products

At SVN Engineering we take pride in being able to design and develop innovative gaming solutions to meet the customer’s needs, whilst meeting the quality standards expected. Our close interactions with the customers allows us to completely understand the requirements and therefore enables SVN to develop the most optimal solution. Furthermore, this allows us to develop prototypes to suit the customer’s needs, and mass producing it to introduce it to a real world application. This catalogue is a detailed list of the current gaming accessories we have supplied to the customers.


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